3 feb 2019

$140 million


$140 million is the estimated value of "GQenergy srl" StartUp

2 feb 2019

New Generation

This is the new graphene battery generation: the goal is to apply our technology to all the means of transport powered by electric energy.
High flexibility, low production costs and greener materials are its strengths.

19 gen 2019

2020 the revolution of electric cars

GQenergy Srl; a startup founded with the aim of developing and producing environmentally sustainable products.

It is a Graphene film used to produce high efficient energy batteries.
We will forget to recharge the Smartphones, the Drones and the whole world of electric mobility. (Electric car, Bicycles and Scooter Scooters)

6 gen 2019

2019 Villa Minozzo

2019 Villa Minozzo, soon will be the new renewable energy center.
Research and Development of new high efficiency batteries for electric cars.